If what you are looking for live music in Cuba and you are in Trinidad; you are undoubtedly in the right place.

Trinidad is the town with the most nightlife in the center of the island; among the musical genres that stand out the most are trova, folk music, danzón and jazz as a novelty.

Genre that arouses great interest in local artists and every night they meet at the Jazz Café Restaurant; for the corresponding show of each day.

In addition, there are places like La Casa de la Música; La Casa de la Trova or the Segarte Ruins, and the most important, Jazz Café.

These present a show where enjoyment and good energies await you.

Restaurants with live music in Trinidad de Cuba

restaurants with live music in trinidad de cuba

In the city of Trinidad, we can find several restaurants that have musical groups during lunch and dinner hours.

this due to the great musical talent that was developed by the locals

A year ago, the ingenuity of the creators of the Jazz Café Restaurant.

Changed the way of enjoying an exquisite dinner in the company of live music.

Thanks to the introduction of jazz to the city and of course to said restaurant; which today is the best for dinner with live music in the Third Villa of Cuba

We can hear the sound of a saxophone accompanied by piano; bass, trumpet and other instruments while walking through the streets of the city.

The sound is hypnotizing, something that stops you listening and delighting a good dish in the process

The jazz café Trinidad restaurant recommends travelers to try their lamb; which they make with the same passion that they enjoy jazz.

Music events in Trinidad Cuba

One of the most famous events in Trinidad Cuba regarding live music is The House of Music

Located just two blocks from the Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant.

What makes them special is the presentation of more than 5 musical groups and cultural dance shows daily.

Many travelers after having lunch at our Trinidad Jazz Café Restaurant go up to enjoy these cultural presentations.

Also, in the afternoons before our Jazz show every night you can visit The House of Trova

every day around 2:00 pm you can enjoy excellent troubadours and percussionists

showing his passion and talent for Cuban music.

Some other places near the Trinidad Jazz Café Restaurant; to enjoy live music are El Rincón de la Salsa and El palenque.

Trinidad Cuba is undoubtedly a city where dancing and enjoying good music will not be a problem.

Casa de la musica trinidad

live music in the streets trinidad cuba

It is common to walk the city and find small groups of musicians on the corners; paying homage to various artists such as Compay Segundo or Benny Moré.

In the main square of Trinidad Cuba, you can hear the instruments of Cuban music; such as the key and the guiro every morning

Our Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant to join the task of harmonizing the city; reserved a room in the Restaurant to invite the artists to rehearse before the service

So, everyone feels how the streets are filled with melodies; and you can also see live a jazz band rehearsing for their concerts at night

Another place where you can listen to good music in the streets; is in front of the Museum of Fight Against Bandits of the city itself

A trio has been there for more than 15 years; they always invite travelers who know how to play an instrument to participate.

And it ends up turning the place into a beautiful street show.

Jazz restaurant trinidad

Jazz in Trinidad de Cuba took off a little later than at the national level; great jazz players like Chucho Valdés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Yazek Manzano Silva

they were gaining national fame and it did not take long to reach the ears of the Trinitarian musicians

Which took action in the genre and formed their own gangs in the city

Our Jazz Café Trinidad restaurant welcomes you all and gives you a place to showcase; your talent from exactly 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm every day of the week.

music in trinidad cuba

Dining with live jazz music is undoubtedly a unique experience

Also, if you are one of those who loves music and thinks of playing with our bands; you can do it, we are willing to do everything possible to make your visit unparalleled.

A place where travelers always showed their talent is El Yesterday, a bar belonging to the Palmares company

Live music is never lacking there, this place is perfect to enjoy some cocktails and a good show

Trinidad Cuba is undoubtedly a place full of music and joy, our recommendation is that you

ventures every day to a different live music show; so you can listen to all the musical genres that are practiced in the city

Of course, do not forget to stop by our Jazz Café Restaurant.

Jazz Café Trinidad