The best restaurant to enjoy a vegan food in Trinidad Cuba; is undoubtedly the Jazz Café Trinidad.

Not only for the possibility of listening to live music every night with local jazz bands.

But for the excellence of a master chef who has undoubtedly known;

how to make a difference in the museum city of the Caribbean.

Vegan menu in Trinidad Cuba

Our Vegan Menu at Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant currently includes dishes based on seasonal vegetables; both sautéed and baked in the Cuban Creole style.

Among these is the Ellington salad, named after one of the greats of international jazz.

Its ingredients vary according to the time of year since cabbage, beans, cucumber, tomato; lettuce, pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, among others, may be present.

The best thing about this preparation is its exquisite tropical flavor in each portion

The chef to prepare these vegetable-based dishes always chooses the freshest from the purchases of the day

Every year we achieve the best menu starting in October with the entry of aubergines into the market

Since with these we can make our famous dish of Stuffed Aubergines,

For this dish we use turmeric, beetroot, tomato and spinach

Another option is our delicious pasta

Pasta in Trinidad Cuba

vegan pasta in trinidad cuba

We also have vegan pasta made with love and dedication to one of the best diets such as vegan.

For the use of pastes we always make sure that they are 100% natural without extra additives.

Currently our vegan pasta menu in Trinidad Cuba has:

pasta with vegetables

Pesto pasta without cheese

sweet paste

 One of the most requested is the pasta with vegetables

Its preparation method is simple; but what sets us apart is that we make the sauce for natural tomato paste,

a few minutes before serving it.

Something that gives it a unique flavor

All thanks to the culinary principles of the Jazz Café Trinidad restaurant

Zero km kitchen in Trinidad de Cuba, vegan cuisine

Our Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant has always used this type of cuisine; for the simple fact of living in a tropical country where getting fresh food is not a problem

Every morning we go out to look for vegetables around the city of Trinidad Cuba; in different agricultural markets that have their own land for growing them.

Caring for the environment and ecological awareness is very important to us.

That is why we recommend all vegan tourists to try our exquisite 100% natural and fresh preparations.

Since assuming the premises of the km 0 kitchen in Trinidad Cuba; is something that is achieved without the need to trace it as a plan.

Slow food in Trinidad Cuba

Undoubtedly, vegan food in Trinidad Cuba lovers enjoy the slow food movement, just as we enjoy cooking under this concept.

One of the primary objectives for us is to safeguard the gastronomic culture of our Trinidad Cuba; municipality and promote the vegan diet.

We think that it is very important to assess the quality of the raw material; the way of obtaining it and with it its preparation.

In order to enjoy each dish to the fullest; and more if you do it at the Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant

Accompanied by a good live jazz concert

Which is undoubtedly perfect for a romantic vegan dinner

Romantic vegan dinner in Trinidad Cuba

We always recommend booking through our website to design and set up special nights in our restaurant.

In our previous interview we give you to choose several jazz groups of your choice according to their musical interpretations.

In addition, we can create your perfect dish for that specific night as long as we have the ingredients

Our recommendation would be a dish that we have not yet included in the menu named the King of jazz

Its preparation is from a portion of baked pumpkin stuffed with seasonal vegetables sautéed with olive oil

To enhance the flavor, we use some nuts and the chef’s secret

That without a doubt is what gives it the final point

 Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant green house

vegan food at the jazz cafe trinidad restaurant

By way of conclusions regarding vegan food; at the Jazz Café Trinidad Restaurant we have always felt like a unique option

Have jazz performed by local artists while you dine with the preparations of our master chef; with more than 20 years of experience and professor at the best gastronomic school in the city.

Without a doubt, it is an irrefutable offer; the fluidity of the service, the atmosphere; the quality of the dishes and our passion for gastronomy do not lead us to another path.

That is not to improve every day to meet the expectations of our customers

we know in advance that travelers are away from home for a while and go from restaurant to restaurant; that use chemicals and foods that are attractive to the eyes and not to the health.

So, whoever visits us, will know and feel that they are back home.

Our supplies less than 30 kilometers from the restaurant and our cooks with the spirit of their grandparents; who taught them the respect of good eating.

if you are thinking of traveling or dining in trinidad cuba, we will spread you with the best pleasure.

All our love and effort put on a plate.

Regarding vegan food in Trinidad Cuba, today we do our best to maintain the best offers in the city; not so much for quantity but for quality.